About us

Tech Propulsion Labs specializes in new product development, serving the needs of startups at any stage, from the earliest seed of an idea to fully funded companies and beyond.

We advise our customers on applying Lean startup principles and follow them internally as well. Our approach also works well for innovative projects within established firms.

Founded in 2008 by a team of seasoned US and European executives, Tech Propulsion Labs uses Agile software development and hires great people in its offices in Vietnam and US.

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  • Mobile and Web Development:
    custom coding for iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Ruby on Rails, Java, .Net and PHP.

  • Workforce Augmentation:
    add developers to your team to accelerate progress with a ‘follow the sun’ 24-hour workday.

  • Minimum Viable Product development:
    design and implement the Lean version of your business vision quickly.

  • Research & Development:
    research feasibility, create technical and marketing strategy, and prototype your most innovative ideas.

  • Quality Assurance:
    manual and automated testing for Web and Mobile code on target platforms and devices.

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