Hiring Plan

We have ambitious hiring plans but while we are working hard to hire and add capacity, we’re not interested in doing it at the expense of our ideals. We’re not a typical “throw bodies at the problem” type of outsourcer; many of us have worked at firms whose ideal contract was hiring 300 warm bodies to run manual QA and do localization work. TPL is not all things to all people…we are very focused on having a great place for developers to work on interesting problems with involved customers.

The people we hire over the next few months will add to the top-notch core of our organization. We are looking for people with a strong motivation to learn, to improve themselves, and to help create a smarter work environment. We’re looking for developers, testers, and managers who want to do the most interesting work around, be a part of great teams, and make them even better as time goes on. Over the next few years TPL will grow as large as we can while still only hiring great people that we appreciate, like, and trust…we expect the people we hire today to be the ones recruiting, training, and leading the next generation of great software developers in Vietnam.


TPL is looking for Software Engineers and Managers, and also often has work for Freelancers. Our requirements for these jobs are all very similar:

  • Creative and analytical — You must be a great problem solver, with the ability to dive deeply into complex problems and emerge with clear and pragmatic solutions.
  • Passion — You must have passion for what you do, and a desire to do it well. Involvement in Open Source projects, tech communities, or hobby projects are all pluses, but by no means required.
  • Ability to learn in English — You must have good enough English reading/writing to study new technologies in English quickly, and preferably a good base for improving your spoken English if necessary.

We hire people based on their talent and mindset, not their experience. We expect that our developers and testers are all capable of becoming architects or managers if they want to, and our managers stay active writing code and helping with architecture and design. Developers and Managers must be interested in working on new technologies, learning about new business situations, and analyzing the ideas that our customers have them tackle. And, of course, enthusiastic about using Agile methods.

Software Engineers and Testers

All of the above is true for each of our Engineers (coders, testers, designers, everyone). For our developers, Prior knowledge of Scrum, Agile processes, Extreme Programming, or any of Ruby on Rails, Linux, Python, Django is a plus. Working with Google AppEngine, Amazon AWS, or other cloud computing products is positive as well.

Many development organizations treat testing as a low skill, manual, or entry level job. At TPL QA is very tightly integrated with development, and every engineer spends some time on testing. Our programmers spend time coding automated tests and designing both performance simulations and security tests.

  • Strong Technology background in your area — We assume that you have a solid technical background in your specialty, and that you can learn and become productive with related technologies quickly.
    • Web developers should know HTML and the basics of CSS, and be ready to master JavaScript, Ajax, and DHTML if you don’t know them already.
    • Back end developers should be strong in at least one Object Oriented language, and be ready to learn others. You should understand SQL and the fundamentals of good database design.
  • Ready to create, test and review code — Writing great code is the goal, but what’s does ‘great’ mean? Well, everyone should be capable of writing correct and efficient code that they can be proud of, but should also be ready to A) write tests against your code and B) open that code up for others to look at. We review each other’s code all the time and write code side by side, training each other over time.
  • Ability to learn — We expect that you can write code quickly in your language of choice…we also expect that you can pick up a new language when required and make it your new language of choice. We assume that you can use at least one of Java, C, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Perl or PHP, and we’ll train you up on whatever else is needed (most new developers start by training on Ruby on Rails)

Does this sound like you? Apply

Managers and Architects

TPL is also looking for people interested in building and growing our organization along with us, either experienced managers, technical leaders, or people who would some day like to be.

Senior staff at TPL tend to have a wide range of experience, and are active technologists. Also, our organization is very flat and does not have a strong hierarchy… Managers in our organization are there because they share our people-centered view of software development and our goals:

  • the success of our partners and customers
  • the talent and growth of our employees
  • a culture of entrepreneurship in Vietnam
  • socially responsible, principled participation in our community

If you can code, we’ll ask you to take a coding test. If you’re a designer or architect, we’ll ask you to teach us something about your specialty and talk about what you can do with it. If you have a vision for the kind of team you want to lead, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Freelance Developers and Designers

Often TPL has short term needs for very specific technology skills. Developers and Web Designers interested in part time work are encouraged to get in touch with us, as we are very professional and open, and give clear requirements and good feedback to our freelance contractors.

  • Strong time management and professionalism — In most cases you will not be actively managed by TPL staff. Your ability to manage your time and deliver quality work on time is the most important reason we pay open market freelance rates.
  • Focused technical skill — We are looking for people with experience in the following areas:
    • Creative Graphic Design
    • Original Graphic Design for the Web
    • Flash animation

If this matches you and you’re available for freelance work, let us know. We prefer Vietnam-based freelancers, but have worked with international freelancers as well.

Sound interesting?

Please send your English resume to with a cover letter or email introducing yourself and describing your interests in Web innovation.

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