TPL partners with

  • Design houses looking for implementation partners
  • Project management practices who want reliable partners
  • Consultancies with a need for cheaper offshore services without the bandwidth to set up their own
  • Innovation/strategy consultants who need development partners with new technology skills
  • Software product teams with customer demands that distract their core teams’ attention
  • Incubators and Funds with portfolios that can leverage rapid prototyping and application development


Tech Propulsion Labs is the primary software development partner for faberNovel, an innovation consultancy headquartered in Paris, with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Moscow. TPL works with faberNovel’s sales people, project managers and designers. Together we’ve built web, mobile, and Facebook apps, including geolocation apps, games, custom ERP systems, and more. faberNovel also partners with TPL to organize Mobile DevCamp, an annual training event for mobile developers in Vietnam.

Name: faberNovel S.A.R.L.

Location: Paris

Services: Innovation Consulting, Product Ideation, Software Product Development and Project Management

Chaotic Moon

Since Chaotic Moon’s founding at SXSW 2010, we have worked closely together while they rapidly establish themselves as a Mobile Studio To Be Reckoned With ™. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Chaotic Moon offers mobile strategy and development services for an increasingly impressive roster of clients, including Microsoft, News Corp, Sanrio, General Mills, TripIt, and Pizza Hut. Today, TPL provides all of Chaotic Moon’s mobile QA on iOS Android, and Windows Phone 7. This has helped them manage their meteoric growth while maintaining excellent customer service and responsiveness.

Name: Chaotic Moon Studios

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Services: Mobile Strategy, Design, and Development Service

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